Monday, February 14, 2011

A $20 bill says everything

After begging to go to school, i called the Islamic school nearby to ask about registration and tuition and stuff. Was shocked at their prices (being new to this whole ordeal was shocking enough), because it was a little too high for us (sarcasm).. So Sara asked me if i called her school, and i told her we couldn't afford that specific one this year.. she got sad, and said " yeah, we have no money" ... Rememered that her youngest aunt goes to school, she immediately said "YASMEEN HAS MONEY!!!" like she solved the problem.. My sister is 12 and goes to public.... end point.
Next morning (after the whole preschool thing started) my husband offered Malik & sara a $100 bill and a $20, and asked which they would like.. Sara refused them as she only deals with quarters, and Malik jumped for the $100.

Finding it funny, Ahmed rewarded both of them with a $20 bill, and asked each of them what they would like to buy..

Sara: " I wanna go to school with it"
Malik: "I wanna buy money...!!! "
So I asked " yes mama what do u wanna buy with the "money"?
Malik: " more money!"
Us: ok then what will u buy with the more money??

Malik: "CANDY!!!!!!!"

Us: hahahahhahahhahahaha

Sara: "um I want candy too.... No no I wanna save for school!"

That $20 bill actually helped me realize. Their personalities shined already from an early age, for Sara will be the university graduate and probably get her masters.. While Malik will be a businessman, in the stock market.. Until he saves enough to buy everything he desires... ( maybe a candy factory...)

But for now, both $20s went into their savings jar... Safely tucked in until needed..

btw, we decided to put her in pre-k in Public school... Kindergarten in public with Sunday school on the side.. then When first grade comes around inshallah we'll figure out the expenses..


  1. Funny thing, I just checked out the Islamic school info tonight too! Though the prices seem a bit much, it's about the same (or less) than other full-day Islamic schools I've seen in other states. Does your county have a pre-k program? So far, it seems ours doesn't :( Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place!

  2. Yes there is a pre-k 2 mins away from our house. I'm taking her there tomorrow for a quick tour and to check out their teachers, programs and tuitions. I'll post more as i figure this out...

  3. some Islamic schools accommodate for prints who can't afford to pay the high tuition fees. Some even waive it!! But maybe you can see if you can pay them over a longer period of time? They might have scholarships or have other payment options, inshaAllah