Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sara's dream

Sunday morning 10am: me barely waking up finding her next to the bed, standing...

Sara: mama, remember when I was a baby?

Me(surprised): yes mama

S: and I was walking outside.. But I can't talk to u.

Me: why not?

S: because I had another baby girl, push in a stroller, and I bumped my head and u inside the house.

Me: baby?? Another baby? What was her name?
S: "another Sara"

Me: oh, like ur sister?

S: yeah my girl sister

Me: ok, why did u bump ur head.

S: because I push baby stroller and fell down the sky then I fell in the snow.

Me: fell from the sky!??!!?

S: yeah I fell into the house and fell on the computer. (the computer is beside a window that looks out to the main street. It's on the first floor, above ground level)

Me: how were u outside and then fell inside?

S: mama! I fell from outside into on the computer. I bumped my head.

Me(trying not to laugh): did u tell baba about it?

S: yes, he said no more jumping into windows..

Hahahahahaaah kids, and the way they tell stories.. I wish I caught it on tape

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