Friday, February 11, 2011

Preschool obsessions

Let's just say it... Sara is in love with school.. She loves the books, toys, kids, teachers, buses and everything else u can think of... The shocking part is probably that she's NEVER BEEN TO ONE....

Yeah, she dreams about it day and night. Not one hour passes without her mentioning school one way or another.. But usually it goes like this: "mama, I want to go to school."
Then an hr later, "mama I have to go to school"
Then 5 mins later, "MAma!!!! I NEED to go to school!!!!!"



Then the whining starts: " mama I told u!!! I said I need to go to school NOW" in a "what part of going to school do u not get, mom??" kinda attitude.

Akhhh, the joys of motherhood. It makes me both happy and sad that she's soo obsessed with school..
Happy, because she will be a bookworm nerd with excellent grades, just like her mom.. And she'll probably actually complete her college education and become something (dr perhaps) hence her love of books and reading ever since she was 3 months old..
Sad, because, well I can't do anything about it til she's 4. I'm not sure if she can wait til next august. I mean, that's like a century away for her.. Also sad, because I have a feeling that this love for school might end up to be temporary, and as soon as she starts school she'll actually realize that i wont be with her (no matter how many times I've explained it), being the clingy shadow she is.... she'll hate it... Also sad because my baby is growing up and ready to leave the nest, for a few hrs a day at least.. But I'll grow up and get over it, someday I hope..

The least I can do now is help her at home, with teaching her how to some pre-k workbooks and stuff she's interested in.. Also trying to do activities she'll likely be doing at class.. I also signed both kids up for the parents as teachers program, and they'll test her and make sure she'll have all the skills she needs to survive her first year of school..

The other day she woke up straight to her closet, grabbed her pretty pink dress she wore for eid, and ran to her dad who was eating breakfast in the kitchen...

"baba!, I need u to drive me to school!! I'm gonna go wear this!!" and she ran out... We all laughed!! It was hilarious and soo outta the norm ...

Anyways.. For now all she asks for is school.. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.. She probably won't ask for it when she's 12..


  1. I cried on the first day of school for each of my kids.

  2. Awww. I still don't know what both our reactions will be!